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In Conversation: Tom Bellerby of the Flanagan Collective
The Flanagan Collective welcome in the festive season with their pub based adaptation of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol in a new location this year, The Gillygate Pub. The play written by Alexander Wright and directed by Tom Bellerby is staged for the third time in York after two successful years at the Lion & Lamb pub. A “lucky good idea” performed by a stellar cast. Dan Wood has joined them this year in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge and John Holt Roberts is returning as Jacob Marley. Although based on the original Christmas Carol “every show is different and interactive” as it engages the audience in a very festive and friendly vibe, ending up singing along and sharing food, playing a role themselves in the show as Marley’s friends, the ghosts of Christmas Present, Past and Future. We caught up with Tom Bellerby to talk about what to expect. [click here for more]

A Time For Giving: the History of Soup Kitchens in York
Christmas can be a very difficult time of the year for disadvantaged members of our community, homeless, unemployed, cut off from their family and friends. Various organisations and charities in York are there to make a difference, to make Christmas about people caring and sharing, working together to help the hungry seeking care. In York this a long standing tradition, embedded into our community since the Rowntree family set up York’s original soup kitchen. [click here for more]

Mandela: Lon Walk to Freedom
Directed by Justin Chadwick, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom tries to give an insightful examination of the remarkable life of a wellknown 'giant' of our times, and we were given the chance to see it before it gets released to the public.
The film moves swiftly from Mandela's childhood in a tiny village to his role as an attorney against
the unequal treatment of Black Citizens in South Africa, until he becomes an activist together with a group of dissidents in the African National Congress – an escalation from a peaceful protest to sabotage and eventually Mandela's imprisonment. And that's when the film comes to a halt. The 27 years Mandela had to spend in prison take the whole second half of the narration, slowing it down, losing the audience's attention until his release. Although powerful, with so many years to cover the film moves too fast to develop the life of such a fantastically famous individual. It is impossible to watch Mandela and not to think that a 139minute film is not enough to fully depict him. [click here for more]

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Backpacking in London: Explore the city on a budget
London is a global city where you can find everything you could ever want or need, as it is a representation of a lot of cultures, foods and people. No doubt, it is worth a visit and backpacking could be a unique way to experience such a dynamic destination. London is an expensive city and you are probably going to spend the most of your budget on eating and accommodations, but you can find some good places for cheaper prices – especially considering many attractions in the city are free. Here’s a mini guide if you are planning backpacking in London.

Bedroom Makeover: tips and décor ideas
Looking to decorate your bedroom? A quick makeover can transform a plain room into a very stylish space which best reflects your personality, without giving up comfort. Settle on furniture, choose a color scheme and decorations you like and add your own personal finishing touches to your redesign project, turning your bedroom into a glamorous yet stress-free space.

Digital Art has come here to stay 

Digital artists are blooming lately and everything that requires artwork seems to have evolved to a digital platform opening the concept of “art” to a new, experimenting level. Traditional art vs. digital art Opinions on these two forms of art vary, there is controversy on which one is better, on which one can be considered ‘real’ art, as most people tend to hail traditional over digital medium, simply because traditional is all they’ve ever known and studied and they don’t take digital art seriously. But things will have to change, as digital artworks are popping up everywhere, hand in hand with the development of computer graphics. Graphics software companies, like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, are trying to give more capabilities to design and artists, with new and improved features that enable them to visualize their ideas.

Britain at the Bookies: BBC Cameras Behind the Scenes of Coral
In an era of high street and online gambling, the three-part documentary series Britain at the Bookies gives us an insight of this industry, lifting the lid on the highs and lows of one of British public’s most popular pastimes. The series, debuted on BBC1 on Monday, 20th July, aims to show us the ‘behind the scenes’ of one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers, Coral, exploring how this industry works and following customers whose betting makes the business run. The first episode aired only a few days before the long expected merger between Ladbrokes and Gala Coral was confirmed, creating even more interest around the TV series and the whole betting industry. [click here for more]

Bedroom Makeover
Giving your bedroom a makeover once in a while can be a fun and exciting, whether you are moving house or you just need to revamp this room to make it look more modern or simply more ‘you’. Choosing the right bed should be number one on your list as it is going to be the focal point of your personal space. Among the different designs available, a versatile yet timeless option is an iron or brass bed frame. Metal beds have seen a revival in contemporary interior design and they seem to be the perfect solution if you want to bring more style to your room. You can go for a very ornate bed frame or a less intricate one, according to your taste, and it will look very sophisticated, nonetheless. No matter what your style is, choosing a metal bed frame will give character to your bedroom as it is a piece of décor by itself. Bedstar offers a variety of affordable options you can choose from, from modern coloured iron frames to more classic brass ones, so you can easily find the style that most represents yourself. [click here for more]

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