NYC Mini Haul & NOTD.

Sunday, 11 December 2011 / 6 comments
left-right: Caramel Toffee, Murray Hill Mauve

Few weeks ago I bought two NYC nail polishes - my very first from this brand - #262 Murray Hill Mauve and #220 Caramel Toffee.
The first one is a gorgeous, shimmery mauvy colour, quite intense and with a bit of a golden/rosy reflections in it. I absolutely LOVE it. I used it last week and forgot to write a post about it.

Application was excellent, and it took only one coat to achieve a perfect opaqueness. (in the pic, I did two anyway, and messed it up a little bit, uh.)
NYC Caramel Toffee (#220), from the Expert last nail polish line, is the polish I've decided to paint my nails with this week. *Wrong*.
It looks beautiful in the bottle, it is like a light bronzed/rosy colour, with a nice sheen - although it looks more golden in the picture. Stupid lightning.

What I really dislike about this product is the formula. Application was not easy, the brush picked up too much product and I ended up having too thick layers of polish on my nails. The result was that it took a lot to dry and even then it looked a bit stricky and just not right.
You can't really tell from the pic because that's the 'good' hand. Nails on the other hand were more messy. But you can still see that the thumb is not so perfect.
In terms of lasting power, I have to say it's doing a pretty good job. But I don't think it's gonna last up to 7 days as it claims on the bottle.
Overall, I like the shade and for €1.99 I can't really complain, but still I was a bit disappointed.
I much prefer the NYC Quick Dry nail polish line (the mauve polish) it has a thinner formula and application is definitely easier.


  1. I like the caramel toffee color, I saw one like in in a catalog I was browsing through last night, made me realize I need to get my hands on a color like it!

  2. I've only recently heard of this brand and I'm quite wanting to try it. The shimmery one looks great for christmas do's, even if the formula is a bit off, it's not too much money! xo

  3. @Sarah: Yeah,I know, that's what I told myself.
    In the end I couldn't have high expectations, and for the price it's a decent polish, I must admit. :)

  4. Just found your blog now. I have a bit of a nail polish obsession going on lately. I hate when nail polish goes on badly though, very annoying.

    I like your blog so I'm following you now. I hope you'll stop by mine sometime to say hey and of course follow me back if you like it!

    Amelia @ Ugly Duckling

    I Was An Ugly Duckling


  5. Great post i love it!


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