Nee MakeUp Mascara. A Review.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011 / 1 comment

The first item I've decided to use out of all the goodies I received in my Glossy Box is the Nee Make Up mini Deep Black Extension Mascara.
I never heard of this brand before and after doing some research, I found out they have a website and also an on-line shop.
The full-size mascara retails at €17.50, which I think it's quite on the expensive side.
It comes with a straight silicone brush, with very short but dense bristles - not my favourite kind of wands, to be honest.
I have to admit that it does the trick, it defines and lengthens your lashes, but it definitely takes too much effort to obtain the final result. I find the texture is really aweful, the formula is too thick and causes massive lash-clumping just with one coat.
Application is not easy, even though the brush is thin and allows you a precise application, the product just doesn't go on smoothly on your lashes.
It usually takes me literally 10 good minutes to obtain a decent result. As I said, if you manage to be patient and precise enough, you'll end up having quite defined and long lashes, but to me is definitely too much of an effort.
I have to admit the design of the package is quite nice and sleek, and the colour is a true deep black. But that's is for the pros.
That's it for my mercyless review, sorry if you've tried and loved it, but I really cannot recommend it.

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