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Sunday, 9 October 2011 / Leave a Comment
I'm a 'ballerina flat' - person, I think they are the most comfortable shoes in the whole world. I like the feeling of walking practically barefoot and I think that my collection of flats is getting ridiculously huge. I do not go for heels and I don't usually go for lace-up shoes.
So, why am I so intrigued by this whole Oxford lace-up boots trend? The picture is by Diego D'Alessandro taken from Io Donna magazine (10/08/2011). I was seriously thinking to go out and look for a pair of shoes like that as soon as I saw the picture.
Those are uber expensive, but I know that a lot of shops are selling cheaper version of this kind of shoes for this season.
1.R. Del Carlo €320
2. Samsonite €139
3. Nero Giardini €139
4. Janet Sports €125

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