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I am a sucker for nail polishes, you know that already.
But glitters are my latest, painful addition to my polish-addiction. It's a kind of love/hate relationship, to be honest with you.
Glitters are a pain to remove, you know you will regret the time you purchased that mesmerising bottle of polish in the exact moment you put it on your nails.
But I can't help it, I love how they look on my nails and there's something about them that makes me smile.
The polish that'd be in my wishlist is Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday nail polish, the one the website describes as "party in a bottle". But there are two little problems that divide me and this gorgeous polish a) it's pretty expensive b) I can't find an online store which sells it and ships to Italy.
Hence, my latest purchase: a cheap dupe by Essence, Circus Confetti.

I think it's miles away from the quality and the consistency of Deborah Lippmann's polishes, but it's a good cheap alternative for now.
I guess it's not as thick as the original polish I was going for, but it does its job pretty nicely.
It's a mix of fine and big chuncky glitter particles, a perfect top coat for any shade. Glitters lies pretty flat but I prefer to apply a clear top coat just to smooth the surface of my nail and make it look more even.
For € 2.99, you can't really go wrong with it!

                                    please excuse my horrendous cuticles, I apologise

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