My Skincare Routine.

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I have combination to oily skin, it is very sensitive and usually prone to acne, how wondeful is that?! - alothough I've never suffered from severe acne, I've always got breakouts and random spots here and there.
But, since I've changed my skincare routine I've seen such an amazing improvement in the way my skin feels and looks. That's why I can't keep it to myself, I have to share it with you!I'm sure that there are a lot of girls/guiys with the same skin type, so I think it might be helpful to know which products have been working for me.

~ Removing MakeUp and Cleanse your Skin
That's the first and most important step, getting rid of any trace of makeup and clean your skin carefully.
I use the Micelle solution for sensitive skins and the Purifying foaming gel for combination/oily skins, both from Bioderma. I don't have enough words of love for this brand in general.
The first product is absolutely amazing, it removes your face- and eye- makeup, being extremely gentle on your skin. It is not a regular makeup remover but it is a micelle solution. What the hell does it mean? Well, after reasearching it a bit, I've discovered it basically means that it is a water based product that you don't need to rinse off your face.
It's just amazing!I will dedicate a whole post to this prodcut,it deserves it!
The foaming gel is just as amazing. It leaves your skin very smooth, it absorbs the excessive oils on your face without being drying. It doesn't leave any residue at all and after using it you can feel that your face is smoother and nicer.

~ Moisturizing your skin
I've been using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, a corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care. It is supposed to reduce the appearance of imperfection and unclog sebum-blocked pores.
This is partially true, in the sense that I've noticde a dramatic change in how my skin looks since I've started using this product. I used to suffer from breakouts and this product has definitely helped my skin to 'heal' and look better.
On the other hand, it has not done anyhting for my black heads. I have a lot of black heads, and I was really hoping to get rid of them or at least reduce them thanks to this product, but they're still there, sadly.
Anyways, after applying this gel-consistency product, my skin feels better, it's soothed and not oily at all. Really like it!Whenever I have little red scars on my face that a nasty zit has left behind, I use another very good product from La Roche-Posay, Cicaplast.
It is basically a pro-recovery skincare product, that is supposed to help your skin healing after surgery or from severe flaking. So, it is very effective in reducing acne scaring too. Love it.
It has the same gel consistency of the Effaclar Duo, it's fragrance-free and I believe paraben-free too.

~ Treatments and Scrubs
Clinique's Anti-blemish solution is a spot treatment gel. It is supposed to clear blemishes and sooth your skin. I really recommend this product if you have occasional spots, but I highly doubt that it works on severe acne. Also because it is extremely drying, so you have to put it a very tiny amount just on the spot you have on your face.
I usually leave it overnight and wash my face in the morning, as usual. I think that this product really works on spots that are already out, if it does make sense. In other words, it is useless to put it on the spot when it's still under your skin and you can feel a bump; you have to wait for it to come to the surface.
Cons: as I said, it's very drying and it's quite expensive.
Clinique's 7 day Scrub Cream is my favourite scrub at the moment. It is very genlte on your skin, it leaves your skin visibly smoother and radiant. You can use it every day since it's not harsh at all, the beads in it are really small and fine.
I've been using up a little sample I got a while ago, but I'm definitely going to purchase a full-size one!

That's it, hope this was helpful to some of you.

ps. I'm looking for a good eye cream too, any suggestion?

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