Dreamy Wishlist.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 / 2 comments

My currently gigantic mental shopping list (aka wishlist) would include more or less tons of uber expensive clothes, a billion pairs of designer shoes and at least an iPhone. But, sticking to reality, I would be more than satisfied to being able to buy at least a bunch of cheap but still nice items for this autumn.
Here's my (real) wishlist:
001.a knitted warm jumper from Zara
002. a metallic loose top from Zara
003.a leather biker jacket from Zara
004.a basic knit top in blue from Zara (wow, it seems like I love this shop,uh?)
005. a speckle sweater in grey from Next

They're all between 20 to 40 euros - except for the leather jacket - and I think I'll probably go for them soon!

♥ Have a great week everyone! ♥

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