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Sunday, 21 August 2011 / Leave a Comment
I've been posting random things on Luuux for quite a while now and I feel that I could reupload here some of the reviews I wrote on the website. By the way, if you don't know what Luuux is, here's a brief explanation. Basically, it is a sort of 'blogging universe' where everyone can share reviews,posts,comments,random bits and bobs of their lives and earn virtual money they can spend on some luxurious products.
Not a member yet? Go check it out, you'll become addicted. And this is not a good thing.
Anyway. I'll start with a random 'nail of the day' post I wrote last month, since I am actually wearing this colour again (I swear!).

The thing is, I have a serious addiction to nailpolishes, so that's the most truthful way to start my new blog.
Rimmel pink amazon nail polish (number 298, in case you're wondering) is *the* colour for summer,
It is a beautiful bright pinky red, very summery and perfect for the whole 'color-blocking trend'; if you're too scared to go for acid and bright colors for your clothes, a colorful nailpolish would be a great alternative!
It applies very smoothly and it has a creamy consistency. It doesn't have any shimmer or glitter in it.
The only thing that might bother some of you is the 'maxi brush' applicator. It is actually really wide and I know that is not the right size for everyone. Apart from that, it is a great nailpolish, both for the quality and for the color payoff.
You get 12ml for around 6 euros here in Italy, which is pricey but still affordable. It is supposed to last on your nails up to 10 days without chipping, which I highly doubt. 4/5 days will be enough for me, anyway!

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