Here I Am.YAY!

Sunday, 21 August 2011 / 1 comment
Hello everyone!

This is my first 'official' post of 2011, better late than never I should say. After coutless attempts to create a blog and actually post something on it, I've decided to give it another try.
So here we are,again.
Maybe,this time, I'll start introducing myself. My name is Mary - but I call myself
Will within the web - and I'm in my twenties.
I can't list all my favourite things in here, but I'd say I get thrilled and excited about basically everything new and interesting very easily, but I usually end up getting bored of everything as easily...that's probably why I gave up blogging so many times!
I graduated from University and now I'm working on my Master in Languages. But in the meanwhile, I'm definitely NOT busy,at all.

So,that is a bit of me, for now. Hope to be able to post something of more substance soon!

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  1. great product reviews, and i really enjoyed your writing style. congrats on working toward your master's degree! you have beauty and brains!:) hope to visit again and stay connected! new follower. cheers!


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