Nails. Go Metallic.

Monday, 29 August 2011 / 1 comment

A while ago I purchased these two nailpolishes from GOSH cosmetics.
A brand-new store has opened in my town and it made me so excited I had to purchase something from it.
My picks: Gold (554) and Ocean (540).
Gold is, surprisingly enough, a golden nail polish, with some fine glitter in it. The application is not the best, I must say, but the colour is really nice. You better put it on top of a darker nailpolish, so that the colour stands out more. I usually put a base like over the taupe by OPI underneath.
Ocean is a wonderful teal/green colour, with some bluish reflects in it. It applies better than the other one, it's smoother and with a metallic finish. When you apply it on your nails it turns more like an emerald green, which disappointed me a bit. However, it is still my favourite polish out of the two I bought.
The price was about 5 euros each, which I think it's a pretty honest price for the quality you get. Is it the best nailpolish quality I've ever experienced? No, it's not. But, overall, it's a more than decent product.

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  1. lovely blog you have here! :) the ocean nail polish is gorgeous, looks like it has some duochrome shine going on


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